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Unseen Underground in association with Fa Men Xtreme created a history in Chennai by organizing the first ever whole night live rock show, Ragnarok ‘09 ,at the New Year’s Eve on the 31st of December, 2009 at Geoffrey’s Pub. The show featured 7 bands from across the country. The Rock fans of Chennai had a splendid time throughout the show and some new listeners’ felt the vibrations on the various genres of rock music. As Chennai people were used to electronic music all these years in this season in all the pubs and resorts, Un-seen Underground Ragnarok was a unique show that made its fan-base confess that it was the best way to start a new year with pure music and live performances. The crowd was huge. The Bands from other cities too looked forward to this show as there was not one full night live band performance happening anywhere across the country on the 31st of Decem-ber. And this was the key for the success of Unseen Underground Ragnarok. The idea was new and unique; no wonder it was accepted by hundreds of people, from Chennai and its neighboring cities, who came all the way to witness the finest bands from across the coun-try, enticing them with 6 hours of unadulterated rock and metal music.

After a long wait Crypted, a Chennai based progressive death metal band started the show with great fervor. Their music triggered the youngsters to come forward and bang their heads to their powerful riffs and vocals. Soon everybody got mesmerized by their music and started moshing.
Next up was a progressive metal band, Purple Blood all the way from Trivandrum to rock the people of Chennai. This young band left the crowd awestruck with their brilliant show-manship.

Rampazze, a Rock N Roll and Hard Rock band based in Delhi was not new to the crowd of Chennai. When they took the stage next, the long awaiting fans of this band got much more than what they expected this time. Age no bar, everyone came and joined their journey to old school and rock and roll music. Their music was produced by using some of the best In-dian made guitars of HMI. It was amazing to see that their original songs were familiar to most of the crowd, who started to sing along with the band.

After this rock and roll journey Abandoned Agony, a technical brutal death metal band from Bangalore took the stage to create a thunder with their original songs. This band has made a strong fan base after their first show in Unseen Underground Pub Fest V. The place was in fire and got packed with lot of people, much more than what the organizers had pre-dicted. The clock struck 12 while they were playing and everyone started greeting each other, including the band. A great beginning to a New Year filled with lots of hope.

Right after that, the stage was taken by Atmosfear a death metal band from Mumbai. In spite of their first gig in the city they had an excellent crowd support. With their performance, they left the crowd baffled.

Chennai’s own Blind Image, a Contemporary metal band came next on stage to ensnare their fans with the songs from their new album “More Than Human”. The scene was just inexpressi-ble. The fans of the band lost themselves to their music in the early hours of 2010. Everyone seemed to be happy about such a commencement to a New Year with their desired music float-ing in the air. Of course it was something new to the Chennai crowd present in the show. But this was no end. T-Man of Nova Sanctum Fame from Eastern India took stage with his bass guitar jamming session. Addy from Armour of God joined him on stage. Time was a hindrance as there was one more band in the queue. But the crowd wanted more with no sign of winding up. Then, Bangalore based band Kaashmora delivered their best even though time was a constraint for them.
The mass was unwilling to leave but it had to end. The show came to a halt with a message of prosperity and inspiration for all; to look forward to 2010; for 365 days of exhilaration and non-stop metal mayhem. We are sure that Unseen Underground has lots more to deliver this year af-ter the success of Ragnarok 09. Fingers crossed!

Pre event coverage in Expresso (The New Indian Express)

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Online Media Coverage :

If you are in Chennai on 31st evening you should feel proud of the city as the top 9 Rock bands from across the country are coming down to welcome the new year with us in an unique way that had never happen in this city before in this occasion . This New Year’s eve will trait many pub events, where the localities, especially couples are invited for a party with dance and music. This is nothing unusual for Chennai as it happens regularly every year with a fair amount of price. If you had enough of such parties and bored to go to a mediocre event like that, then you should consider for the real music fest. The best option would be the Unseen Underground Ragnarok’2009 organized by Unseen Underground in Association with Fa Men Xtreme, Kingfisher, HMI,SS Music, DOOHM & Rock and Raga at Geoffrey’s pub at 31st night. This event promises to bring you the best New Year’s party ever with some of the greatest rock musicians from the country performing live. The line-up for this event will feature 9 bands from all the major cities from the country, all geared up to deliver 6 hours of pure rock & metal massacre. Featuring bands are listed below.
1.RAMPAZZE ( Delhi / Guwahati)
2.ATMOSFEAR (Mumbai)
3.PURPLEBLOOD (Trivandrum )
4.KAASHM0RA ( Bangalore )
5.ZYGNEMA ( Mumbai)
6.ABANDONED AGONY ( Bangalore )
7.BLIND IMAGE (Chennai)
8.CRYPTED ( Chennai)
Date : 31st December '2009 .
Venue : Geoffrey's Pub ,
# 171, Jawaharlal Nehru Salai.
Arumbakkam, Chennai-106
Time : 8 pm till 2am
This is an unique event happening on 31st Dec evening for the 1st time in Chennai. So lets make a history.
For more details of the show mail
Nicky at


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