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Unseen Underground's 2nd show in Kolkata-

Tuborg Unseen Underground Pub Fest 2010-Kolkata ,2nd phase. in association with TV Southasia, Rolling Stone magazine, Red FM & The Flaming Skull Podcasts , featuring
Odyssey (Surat)
Gravy Theory (Kolkata)
Frosty Lemons (Kolkata)
Cynical Recess (Kolkata)

Date: 15th Sept'2010 (Wednesday) @ The Big
 Ben, The Kenilworth .Kolkata
Show starts at 8.30 pm.

Free entry for Unseen Underground Fans

* Standard Club rules applicable. 
  Unseen Underground Tour to East India [Kolkata | Guwahati | Shillong]

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Unseen Underground Interview in Headbangers India

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                                                      Link to the official photos of TUUPF-2010 (Kolkata)

                              Link to the official photos of TUUPF-2010 (Guwahati)

                                                       Link to the Official photos of TUUPF-2010 (Shillong)

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Review in Times Of India (Calcutta Time )

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Pre-event coverage in The Telegraph (T2)

Pre-evnt coverage in The Asian Age

All started with a great enthusiasmUnseen Undergrounds 1st tour to East India, the place known for its natural heritage and quality of musicians. The 1st show of Tuborg Unseen Underground  Pub Fest-2010 was in Kolkata on 17th July . The rain gods finally took a break in the evening and the show started as per schedule at Virgose Hotel Hindustan International, a place which probably has never seen any pure music lover, a guitarist , an acoustics drummer in their history got spellbound and overwhelmed and was quite confused about how to manage the huge crowd which they had seen for the 1st time in their premises.    
It was a great start of the show by Underground Authority, a Kolkata based alternative/ Rap Rock band . Hundreds of audience around were involved with the band and supported all their songs with great vigour. The next amazing act of the evening was Cynical Recess , a 5 piece talented melodic / hard rock band from Kolkata. Their originals “Chains” , “Goodbye Sunday”  were floating in the air dragging everyone around in that place to come near the stage . They left the stage making people asking for more ,with a cover track by Skid Row “ I Remember You”  . Kolkota’s very own Metalcore band Chronic Xorn was next on stage. They had ruled the stage with their own compositions from their  recently released EP. (Death . Destruction . Surmon) and there was a crazy moshpit for a while in support of the band but they had to end up their performance due to time constrains. Next on stage was Lucid Recess , an alternative Rock and Metal trio from Guwahati. They started with their tracks from their recently released album Engraved Invitation and Kolkata rock crowd went gaga over their performance during the band’s short stint on stage. There was Chronic Phobia an experimental Metal band , all the way from Mumbai still in the que but due to non co-operation of the Hotel management , the Kolkata crowd was deprived of watching some of the best metal acts of the country. Nevertheless, some of the fans got a chance to watch the band performing next day in a show, which was organized exclusively for Chronic Phobia at The Basement , along side Underground Authority. Overall the Unseen Underground’s 1st visit to Kolkata was successful and many of the fans are looking forward to have them in the city again soon.The second victory was in Guwahati. Due to heavy rain and flood the scheduled show was about to get postponed but very surprisingly around 8pm Silver Streak was crowded with hundreds of rock fans waiting to watch their favourite bands performing at Tuborg Unseen Underground Pub Fest-2010. With great inspiration the show was kick started by Guwahati’s own Death/ Trash Metal band 
Hammerhead. Their own compositions “Bloodbath” and “Depth of Despair” were highly appreciated by the crowd. The metal heads had a good time headbanging with the band when they performed “Territory”. The next band on the stage was Guwahati’s most popular Lucid Recess, the trio changed the entire ambience with their entry to the stage. They started the show with songs from their 2nd album Engraved Invitation, which is already known in the country as one of the well recorded albums of Indian Bands. They concluded their performance with “Does It Matter” from their 1st album “Carved”.  It was time for Dwar, a progressive melodic metal band from the Rock capital Shillong. The Guwahati crowd have experience some of the wonderful guitar licks ,Bass lines, splendid vocals with powerful drum grooves. Their originals “The Beginning To an End”, “Never Again” & “By Your Side” almost hypnotized the entire crowd.  The Last band of the night was Insane Prophecy, a Black Metal band from the city ,which already created a huge number of fan following . They offered a good treat for the metal heads with their original “Insane Prophecy” and Dimmu’s cover of “Spellbound”.
The Shillong show catered lesser crowd than the Guwahati show and there was no room for metal bands in the Pubs.  Demonic Resurrection was lucky enough to get their buzz. Anyway the crowd gathered for the show at Tango were very energetic and most of them were musicians . Shillong’s popular alternative rock band Pip Of The Fourth Mother started the show. These highly energetic guys really warmed up the climate of the place. Their original “Shillong” seemed to be very popular among the crowd. Next up on stage was Lucid Recess. The crowd had a great time with the band. Inspite of the crowd’s request for more songs from the band they had to wrap up as the party crowd wanted their DJ music to be on.
Unseen Underground had aawesome experience with the bands, fans and music lovers in the 1st tour. Looking forward for the next one soon.