Chronic Xorn: Death Destruction Sermon

Indian Metal scene is growing and expanding slowly to all the cities. Even the city which is known only for the classic rock & Bangla rock music has contributed with a couple of talented upcoming metal bands to the great Indian metal scene. And Chronic Xorn is the 1st metal band from Kolkata to release an EP successfully. Chronic Xorn,in the recent past has proved to be one among those outstanding bands in the country with their 1st EP (Death Destruction and Sermon), which was launched recently in Bangalore.  Death Destruction and Sermon is a contribution to the melodic death and metalcore fraternity, along with lot of variations and technical grooves in each song.
“Death Destruction and Sermon” starts with 2.55 minutes of interesting Atmospheric  instrumental piece “Psychic Catastrophe” , which is completely different from the aggression hidden in the rest of the songs in the cd.  The actual destruction begins from The second song “Afraid Of The Unseen” onwards, which is about claustrophobia and the song starts with a catchy guitar roll and groove accompanied with aggression and melody. The third song in the cd “The Funeral Song” kicks up with a nice guitar hook and the powerful growling vocals take it forward to express the pains and failures of a leader mixed with sarcasm "protest is the name of losers race". The fourth song “Death Destruction Sermon” is a tribute to the Indian soldiers who fight endlessly so as to keep us, Indians, safe. Technical groove, guitar riff and interludes has brilliantly intense the potential of the song. Next song “Necropolis” displays some brilliant guitar riffs and harmony. It explains about a city of the dead, where darkness prevails "My world is filthy, my world is stark ,Numbed soul of mine is devil’s kernel” .The last song “My Little Obsession”  is about one's dark thoughts and subconscious mind. "subconscious mind, unconsciously - takes me away to the darkened place once again, where consciously he cannot reach and beyond his capability of imagination”. And this song is embedded with fast  groove and very progressive guitar licks entangled with the bassline. I feel “Death Destruction Sermon” and Necropolis”  are the best songs from the cd.This cd would be perfect taste for all you who loves to explore the melody through interesting time signature and smart patterns. 

Reviewed by : Nicky 

Silver Tears-Dirt Beyond Beauty
Silver Tears-the 1st progressive experimental metal band from Guwahati to release their debut EP "Dirt Beyond Beauty" on 30th October2010 .

 Dirt Beyond Beauty
1.Dirt beyond beauty

2. Euphonious odyssey

3. Deep within

4. Drifter 

The album will be available for free download on their bandcamp page from Oct 30, till then check out their E.P. demo at

                 Escher's Knot: Tsellations:

Recently many metal bands have evolved in the country with various influences from the subgenres of metal. But a very few bands were able to stand upto the mark. I know many metal fans in our country who often say they do not like most of the Indian bands as the bands failed to make an identity with their original music without much influence from their idol bands. But among them there are few finest metal bands in our country who have architected their pattern of music with their own concrete without borrowing much from the existing contemporaries.
Escher’s Knot in the recent past has proved to be one among those outstanding bands in the country with their EP (Tessellations) . Their ever 2nd show was in Unseen Underground Pub Fest-III (Opeth Tribute Show), and after seeing their performance there I was very positive about the band and I knew they would do something great. Its not even a year since these guys got together and formed the band and now they have released their 1st EP “Tessellations”, which is not a very usual thing for Indian Metal scene. This is a masterpiece of well production of technical melodic metal package for all the metal fans. The EP cover artwork ( an alien view of the outer sphere of the world ) is also very technical as tessellations that frequently appeared in the art of M.C. Escher.
“Tessellations” stats with 2.49 minutes of amazing instrumental piece “Hyperspace”. In the beginning few seconds of this track has the echoing string sounds which takes you up from a plain to a brook and suddenly the drum patterns will guide you to a different root and slowly the orchestral conglomeration will become heavier and melodious with the keyboard notes(Yes surprisingly you can find keyboard also). In my opinion this is what I would call a perfect beginning, don’t miss it.
The second song “Anonymous Origin” is a perfect signature of the band. Anshuman creating an electric shock with his hell rising guitar notes to awake the evil to start the story of Anonymous Origin with a very brilliant vocal progression in this song with the critical drum patterns, guitar riffs and bass line. Violent long screeches in support with the growls. You can hear some message from the alien as well in between the songs. The interlude ends with a very melodic note and again it is transformed into a heavier technical pattern.
Next song in the cd is “Up For Nothing” which is familiar to many of their fans who have caught them playing live in various shows. Brilliant lyrics by Abijith. This is the longest song in the cd and you can experience mix of odd timing and melodic interludes. Beginning and ending of this song is very unpredictable and soon after that comes the next song which will take you to the end of the world, yes the next song “Mayan Calendar”. Complex timing and varying riffs makes this song interesting. Very experimentally and technically patterned song. A perfect trip for the metal fans. And finally the bands very popular song “Break The Cypher”. I have seen many people in the live shows singing this song along with the band. Manu’s drum progressions and timings are notable in this song. Also the very sharp guitar riffs and bassline alongside the vocals. This cd would be perfect taste for all you who loves to explore the melody through critical time signature and complex patterns.  The EP ends with an ambience of instrumental track “Saidapet Score”.  Many of you guys from Chennai might have an idea of what “Saidapet Score” is all about; otherwise you can get the description from your fellow Chennaites. Before that don’t forget to pick up the cd and have a real headbanging session.

Reviewed by : Nicky

                                 Lucid Recess: Engraved Invitation:

Lucid Recess - "Engraved Invitation"
Here is something very interesting for all of you alternative metal fans. On my way back home after UUPF-VI, I was tripping with an amazing masterpiece “Engraved Invitation”. I have played a preview of the album in the beginning of the fest and I realized the depth within it.  Engraved Invitation is power packs of some of the best alternative melodic metal notes mixed with acoustic guitar and clean powerful vocals, of a 3 piece outfit called Lucid Recess from the land of green pastures and blue rivers, Guwahati. When two musicians are born in the same house, what else could describe more than Engraved Invitation, which is the band’s second album.
All the songs are patterned in a softer yet heavy riffs and drum grooves, which can be appreciated by rock fans as well progressive metal lovers. Irrespective to Dream Theater fans or Porcupine Tree fans one can find himself getting engraved into Engraved Invitation.
“Time To Change” the first song of the album starts with a groovy progression, flows through various patterns and the interlude needs an attention. The second song in the album “The Tribe” starts with a nice riffs, very progressive vocal flow and bass line.  B.Y.T.C ( Best is Yet To Come ) is a wonderfully done song , starts with acoustics progression and takes you through a nice  rhythm and lead in between, before it takes the final acoustics notes again in the end.
I can’t escape you
You can’t deny me
This place, this time
Can’t help me know you.
I wait to see you
Wander to find you
This place, this time
Can’t help me know you
Can’t help me knowing you
Can’t help me saving you
Can’t help me losing you
Can’t help me knowing you.
That’s how it goes, do listen to it by yourself and explore this song.
Amitabh’s brilliant lyrics & bass line alongside his vocals in the song “Socially Active Warrior” is really marvelous. Partha’s drum patterns and Siddharth’s guitar riffs are also brilliant in this song. This is a must listen song in the album.
The songs like “Purpose” , “Lost” , “Always” & “Feel Like Human”   are some  of the easy listen, complex alternative songs which are beautifully embedded with some situational leads and riffs by the 3 musicians with their best of creativity.
The cd comes to an end with the song “Calling”, which is another melodic piece starting with piano notes , taking you through lot of varying riffs, leads and groves and without your knowledge the cd would be put in the loop for another listen without wasting much time. So you guys can wait to catch them live in Unseen Underground’s next show soon.

Reviewed by : Nicky